Continuity of care right through pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period is provided no matter where you plan to give birth.  Jane can support you giving birth in the place of your choice – either home or hospital. You are attended in labour once it has established or when you request midwifery assistance. If the labour is long, a second midwife is available to provide your care.

Pregnancy Care

Appointments are available Monday to Friday 7am to 5.30pm. Depending on your individual requirements, you generally see Jane between seven to fourteen visits during your pregnancy. You will have ample opportunity to learn about pregnancy, birth and parenting, to ask questions and check anything you’re unsure about. Jane has a large resource library that you are welcome to use. Pregnancy visits are around one hour. During the visits Jane assess both mother and baby’s well being, should a complication arise Jane will explore all options with you.

Labour and Birth Care

Women can contact Jane 24 hours a day for urgent concerns and for labour and birth. Jane provides supportive labour and birth care while while monitoring both mother and baby’s progress discretely, aiming to avoid disturbing the labour process.

Postnatal Care

After the birth postnatal care is provided for up to six weeks. On average there are seven postnatal visits, which includes a six week postnatal check. The timing of the postnatal visits is negotiated after the birth. The aim is for Jane to visit the woman when she most likely to need assistance. If further postnatal care or lactation consultation (for any ongoing breastfeeding problems) is required additional visits can be arranged.

Comprehensive Six Week Postnatal Check

A comprehensive six-week check is provided. Follow up after the birth is important. The aim is promote the general health and well being of both mother and baby. This check lasts approximately one hour. Education provided includes infant feeding, postnatal exercises, parenting and family adjustments, family planning and community resources. This visit signals the end of the midwifery care package.

A summary of the complete ‘Pregnancy, birth and postnatal package’

  • Prenatal visits every 4 weeks until 30 weeks, 2nd weekly visits till 36 weeks and then weekly visits until the baby is born
  • Birth care at home or hospital
  • A midwife will be with you during established labour or when midwifery presence is requested
  • Postnatal visits occur every day for the first four days, then on the sixth day and once the next week. Care is concluded at the six week postnatal visit. More or less visits can be scheduled if needed.
  • 24 hour on call
  • An extensive library of books and DVDs which you are welcome to borrow from.
  • You hold your own progress notes for the period of your care. Your notes are then photocopied for you to keep.
  • You will receive a book of handouts and a subscription to ‘Homebirth Access Sydney’ (this is optional).
  • Besides all this you will receive continuity of care by  your chosen midwife through pregnancy, birth and beyond. Midwifery care aims to support you and your choices for this pregnancy and birth.
  • Medical backup is available if needed.

Jane works in partnership with the midwifery group practice called Midwives at Sydney and Beyond. As part of your care you have a primary and backup midwife. Opportunity is provided during your pregnancy to meet the other midwives at the regular Pregnancy and Parenting Network get togethers.

Cost for complete package

For all your antenatal care, birth care (includes second midwife) and postnatal care to 6 weeks the cost is $6150 (for 2019). Medicare Rebates and/or Health Fund Rebates may be available (please speak to Jane for details).

Cost for interview appointment

$135 – this amount is deducted off total fee if a booking is made.

Further information or appointments contact Jane by Email or Phone 1300 MIDWYF (1300 643 993)


If you would like to book an appointment with Jane please fill in the form below or phone
1300 MIDWYF. Please indicate your preferred day, time and reason for your appointment. Your appointment is not confirmed until you receive either a phone call or email