Jane Palmer’s career highlights over 25 years of campaigning for better maternity care, supporting the rights of parents and promotion of breastfeeding.

Meet Jane Palmer

My first child was born in 1989. It was after this that I became passionate about the world of pregnancy, birth and babies. I love supporting women as they experience the journey into motherhood and beyond.

At first I trained as a childbirth educator running prenatal classes in my local community. Next I started a degree in nursing. Then, in 1996, I completed my graduate diploma in midwifery, followed in 2008 in becoming a board certified lactation consultant.

My first business offering childbirth education classes was established in 1992. At the beginning of 1997 I registered as a midwife. Shortly after this, I began my own private midwifery practice as well as continuing to provide childbirth education courses. I like to write and I am the primary author of ‘Pregnancy For Dummies’ Australian and New Zealand Edition’.

I strive to give my clients options. My aim is to help my clients achieve the birth in the way they want, particularly if that’s at their home. In addition, I’m passionate about supporting midwives who want to move away from the hospital system into their own private practice.

I continue to be politically active, lobbying for the rights of pregnant women and their families. I never expected my own experience of birth to lead me to this point. I’m delighted that I can work with women and their families with the aim of increasing confidence, supporting individual choices and providing continuity of care.