Jane Palmer offers postnatal care to mothers and babies, either in the comfort of their home or at the clinic. This service is ideal for women who leave hospital within a few days of their baby’s birth, or for women who are experiencing difficulties. Receiving one-to-one support from a single experienced midwife offers a variety of benefits. These include the opportunity to develop a trusting and supportive relationship, consistency of advice and picking up any postnatal issues.

During a postnatal visit the health and wellbeing of both mother and baby are checked. You can book a one off postnatal visit or a package of care.

Provided for up to six weeks, postnatal care package incorporates approximately six postnatal visits, including a comprehensive six week postnatal check. At each visit your midwife will conduct a mother and well-baby check as well as discussing with you any issues or problems you or your baby may be experiencing. In addition your midwife will provide information on infant feeding, postnatal exercises, parenting and family adjustments, family planning and community resources.


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Description Length of visit Cost to woman Medicare Rebate Out of Pocket Safety
Net Payment*
Short Postnatal 20 minutes $75.00 $45.40 $29.60 $16.10
Long Postnatal 40 minutes $95.00 $66.75 $28.25 $21.40
Long Postnatal 60 minutes $135.00 $66.75 $68.25 $21.40
Postnatal Home Visit 60 minutes $250.00 $66.75 $183.25 $21.40
Six Week Visit 60 minutes $135.00 $45.40 $89.60 $16.10

* Safety Net Payment – additional rebate for Australian families and singles who incur out-of-pocket costs for Medicare eligible out-of-hospital services. You may be eligible to receive this payment in addition to the standard Medicare rebate for midwifery services once you reached the annual threshold of out-of-pocket expenses. To find out more visit Medicare’s website.

Hours: Flexible, by appointment. Monday to Friday.


If you would like to book an appointment with Jane please fill in the form below or phone
1300 MIDWYF. Please indicate your preferred day, time and reason for your appointment. Your appointment is not confirmed until you receive either a phone call or email